Xiaomi Unveils Mi VR Play 2 at Just INR 900

Xiaomi Unveils Mi VR Play 2 at Just INR 900

Xiaomi unveils brand new VR headset in China. The gadget is known as Mi VR Play2. There is a difference between the previously launched VR headset and recently launched one. The newer one came with the new softer fabric as compared to the previous one. Softer fabric is attached for the comfort experience of the user. The model will be available for selling from April 19 with the affordable prices of just INR 900.

Apart from the comfort experience, it is also light in weight as compared to the previously launched headset. It will have few small holes across the headset for the purpose of cooling when the headset is on. It is the best product for those who do not wish to opt for cardboard alternatives. The best part of the headset is its range in the affordable prices.

The previous model Mi VR Play which was launched last year had a two-way zipper design. It was made to insert and remove the smartphone safely and secondly to protect the smartphone from falling.

It is a great gadget for those who want to experience the virtual reality at affordable prices. VR is best for 360- degree videos without much to spend.

Earlier Xiaomi was expected to launch Mi 6 and Mi 6 Plus. Mi 6 was rumored to be a 4GB RAM, 64 GB ROM (and many more storage variants) smartphone at just INR20,500. Mi 6 Plus was rumored to come in 6GB of RAM and 64GB ROM (and many more storage variants) smartphone at just INR 25,000.

Hopefully the newly launched Mi VR Play has good talks about the gadget. Hopefully it turns out to be the same.

Note: Prices of the headset might vary.