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Seasonal Fruits in India: Which fruits are in season now in India?

Why Is It Important to Consume Seasonal Fruits?

The best way to stay healthy and disease-free is to consume seasonal fruits. Not only are these fruits delectable when in season, but they are also extremely nutritious. At your neighbourhood market, look for fruits that are in season. However, we’ve compiled a list of India’s best seasonal fruits for you and your family. Fruits that are nutritious for healthy eating include seasonal fruits. They are beneficial to your health, but they also aid in the fight against infection. Additionally, you can obtain fresh fruits from your neighbourhood stores rather than relying on out-of-season supermarket fruits. Seasonal fruits provide energy by assisting your body in adapting to external conditions. Eating melons in the summer, for example, keeps you hydrated and cools you down. Similarly, eating dates during the winter keeps you warm and helps your body generate heat to combat the cold.

Winter Season Fruits in India


Chiku or Chikoo is a winter-friendly fruit that boosts immunity and protects against bacterial infections. Additionally, it is high in fibre and aids in digestion.


In India, grapes are a popular winter fruit. It maintains a healthy body temperature and a strong heart. Additionally, grapes are delicious and juicy, making them a kid favourite! During the winter, green, black, and red grapes are available.


Oranges are a widely available winter fruit in India. It’s an excellent way to obtain vitamin C and maintain healthy health. Additionally, it is a portable fruit that you can peel and consume whenever you please.


The digestive and warming properties of dates are well-known. Dates generate heat in the body and strengthen the immune system. Therefore, if you want to avoid catching a cold, use dates.

Summer Season Fruits in India


Blackberries are an excellent summer snack fruit because they are high in vitamins and fibre. They are low-calorie fruits that aid in weight loss and digestion. The blackberry is the summer body’s fruit.


Eating papaya straight from the refrigerator is a real treat during the summer! It maintains a happy and healthy stomach.


Mango is an excellent summer fruit because it aids the body in coping with the heat and helps prevent heat strokes. Additionally, mangoes assist in keeping you cool by lowering your body temperature.


Plum is an excellent detoxifier. It aids in the elimination of toxins and aids in digestion. Plums, both dried and fresh, are excellent summer fruits.


India’s best summer fruits! Melons are high in nutrients and water, which helps you stay hydrated and relaxed. Additionally, they are quite filling, making them ideal for hot days.

Rainy Season Fruits in India


Consume jamun to preserve your body’s fruit during the monsoon season. It helps in the treatment of gastric problems that may arise during the rainy season. This fruit is widely available in India and is frequently eaten with spices as a midday snack!

Custard Apple

This fruit is India’s best rainy season fruit. It has cooling properties that help to regulate your body’s temperature and eliminate excess heat.


Peaches are packed with antioxidants and help ward off the flu! Peaches are adored for their distinct flavour and silky juiciness. Include it in your shopping list for monsoon fruits.


In India, apples are a fantastic monsoon fruit. It helps the immune system and aids the body in combating seasonal diseases. Apples will be available in the market beginning in July.

Spring Season Fruits in India


Pineapples are delectable and never fail to please. It inhibits inflammation and accelerates metabolism. March is the best time of year to purchase pineapples.


Strawberries are typically the first fruit of the spring to ripen. They’re antioxidant-rich and will help you kick-start the spring season.


Sweet and sour cherries are this season’s must-haves. The possibilities for utilising cherries or eating on them are endless!


Lychee is a fruit that is musky, fruity, and refreshing. It is an excellent option for weight loss due to its low calorie count. It’s a delectable spring fruit that both children and adults enjoy.


The spring is an excellent season to stock up on jackfruit. The fruit is a healthy source of minerals and vitamins and helps to bone body and overall well-being.

The best way to stay healthy is to purchase seasonal fruits. The best way to purchase these fruits is to visit a neighborhood market and purchase them fresh. You’re ready to stock up and make the most of the season now that you’ve learned everything there is to know about seasonal fruits in India.