Sleeping beauty vs snow white: What’s the difference between Snow White and Sleeping Beauty?


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    Sleeping beauty vs snow white: What’s the difference between Snow White and Sleeping Beauty?

    In classic stories like Snow White and Sleeping Beauty, the protagonists are Princes who fall in love with Snow White and Sleeping Beauty, respectively. In both stories, their fathers try to set things right and get them married off. However, fate intervenes in the form of a magical spell that keeps the two apart. While the stories may be familiar, there are some key differences between them. Let’s take a look at what makes Snow White different from Sleeping Beauty and why it’s such a popular story.

    Characters of Sleeping Beauty

    Snow White: Snow White is a kind and gentle princess. She is caring and compassionate, always doing what she can to help others. She is also naive, trusting people easily. She has a sweet personality and is very loyal to her kingdom and her prince.

    Sleeping Beauty: Sleeping Beauty is the opposite of Snow White. She is feisty and independent, not afraid to stand up for herself or speak her mind. She also has a strong sense of self-preservation, which can sometimes get in the way of her relationships. While she may come across as brash at first, she quickly warms up to people who show genuine interest in her.

    Differences between Snow White and Sleeping Beauty

    Snow White is the story of a young girl who is cursed by the Evil Queen because she spilt her drink on her stepmother’s dress. The Queen orders her Huntsman to take Snow White into the forest and kill her so that she cannot ever marry and have children. In the forest, Snow White meets seven dwarfs who live in a cottage near the edge of the woods. The dwarfs befriend Snow White, teach her how to cook and clean, and protect her from the Huntsman. When Snow White finally escapes from the Evil Queen, she marries Prince Charming and they have six children.

    Sleeping Beauty is a different story altogether. Sleeping Beauty is a princess who is cursed by an evil fairy because she was about to awaken from her long sleep. The curse said that if anyone touched Princess Aurora with their hands then she would be awakened and would be unable to sleep again for 100 years. To keep everyone safe, King Stephan put a spell on his daughter so that only he could touch her with his hands. Once upon a time there was an old witch who wanted to wake Sleeping Beauty up so that she could use her power to steal people’s dreams but no one ever succeeded in doing it until prince charming came along. After they kissed, Sleeping Beauty was able to break free from the curse which allowed people to dream freely again.

    Themes in Sleeping Beauty

    Snow White is a more innocent and sweet story, while Sleeping Beauty is more dark and Gothic.

    -In Snow White, the Evil Queen plots to get Snow White married off to a cruel prince who will leave her in an impoverished state. However, she falls asleep and dreams of a beautiful rosebush with seven white petals. The spirit of the rosebush tells her she can escape the marriage if she plucks seven roses from it.

    -Sleeping Beauty is much darker. In this version, the Evil Queen wants to marry Prince Charming so that she can have power over him. When Sleeping Beauty wakes up after sleeping for 100 years, she’s horrified to find that her once beautiful hair has turned into icicles and her skin is cracked and scarred from all the abuse she’s taken over the years. She spends the next few days trying to wash herself clean and wake up Prince Charming so that he can break the spell that has trapped her for so long.


    Snow White is the story of a beautiful young girl who, after being poisoned by the wicked queen, falls into a deep sleep. The king and his courtiers cut off Snow White’s hair and put her in a castle where no man could ever find her. long years later, when the prince comes to claim his bride, he finds Snow White sleeping in an ivory tower. He kisses her awake and they are married. Sleeping Beauty is about a princess who is cursed by an evil fairy that she will sleep for 100 years unless someone can kiss her awake. A prince named Charming comes to visit – but instead of kissing Sleeping Beauty he makes sweet love to her before turning around quickly so as not to awaken her. Seventy-seven years pass and Sleeping Beauty wakes up just in time for her honeymoon with Charming.

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