Chicken Fried

Indian Chicken Fry Recipe Quick and Easy

Indian chicken fry is one of its kind due to it mouthwatering crunchy and juicy taste. It is a very commonly loved dish of India. It always feels great to have. Taste The taste of Indian chicken fry is mild spicy with deep fried tender chicken. The marinated chicken gives the dish a special taste […]

Chicken Fry

Simple chicken fry recipe is a very simple to cook as the recipe sounds. Chicken dishes and snacks are very commonly loved food not only in India but in abroad also. Taste Simple chicken fry tastes mild spicy in with a crunchy outer layer and juicy chicken inside. The chicken is moist from inside and […]


Kachori is a tasty snack to have. It is loved by everyone whether it is children or elders and is a famous food which is easily available in restaurants and roadside food stalls. Taste: Kachori tastes very delicious due to the spices used to make its filling plus its mouth-watering flavors. It has a special […]