IPL 2017: Sunrisers Hyderabad Likely to Set the Home Matches in Raipur

IPL 2017: Sunrisers Hyderabad Likely to Set the Home Matches in Raipur

Opening ceremony on 5th, eight match and final match on May 21st all were scheduled to be hosted by Hyderabad in Rajiv Gandhi Cricket Stadium. Hyderabad won the title last year, and as per the IPL rules, winning team plays host to the opening and closing game of the tournament.

Reason of HCA members strike:

Over 120 employees, including the ground staff is on strike since March as they haven’t been paid salaries for the last two months. HCA (Hyderabad Cricket Association) is going through cash crunch. They have also appealed to BCCI for the help. Yet, they have got no response. Also, with no response, there are no signs on end to this strike. John Manoj, the chief secretary of HCA says, that he has been writing letters to BCCI but in return has never got any response.

Because of the strike by the employees, work has been disconnected immensely which further results in the lack of preparation of the ground for the IPL matches.

HCA also blames BCCI for not providing sufficient funds. It adds on, even though the annual BCCI grant is 50 crore whereas HCA has received just 67 crore in past three years.

Change from Hyderabad to Raipur:

Due to all this mess, HCA and BCCI is in a fix and pondering over moving the game out from Hyderabad to Raipur. After the change in Delhi v/s Mumbai elections, chances are that Sunrisers Hyderabad might have to paly all their home matches in Raipur.

This change will not be the first time to move out of Hyderabad. In the year 2010, 7 years ago also, because of Telangana movement, several matches were shifted to Mumbai and Nagpur.

A report by BCCI observer has been look upon, which reveals that HCA incurred a loss of approximately INR 44 lakh when it hosted the one-day test between India and Bangladesh. Since then HCA is under financial crises.