MS Dhoni Blasts in Hazare Trophy

MS Dhoni Blasts in Hazare Trophy

There is one more outstanding performance by MS Dhoni. He again blasts with 129 runs off 107 balls at Eden Garden Stadium during the match against Chhattisgarh. Dhoni again proved that he is the best finisher. There was a match between Jharkhand and Chhattisgarh on Saturday at Eden Garden. The performance of Jharkhand team was really outstanding; they played very well and won the match with a score of 243/9.

During the Match

At the match Jharkhand defeated Chhattisgarh by 78 runs at Vijay Hazare cricket tournament. Dhoni comes to the stadium in the 14th over when the score was 43/4. After a short while two more wickets fall down. But when Dhoni comes in his form and takes the match in his hand. Chhattisgarh also played very well, their bowling and fielding is also too good but they failed in defeating Dhoni and his team.

In Bowling

The bowling of Jharkhand was also on the top. Fast bowlers Nadeem with 3-36 and Varun Aaron with 3-36 were the top performer of the match in bowling. Their bowling also helps the team in winning the match. The players of the Chhattisgarh team were failed to break that partnership and the result is in front of us. The team of Dhoni wins the match with 78 runs. It was a big victory for his team.

Dhoni’s performance

When he comes to ground the match is out of his team’s hand. With the partnership of Nadeem who scored 53 off 90 they win the match. Dhoni hits 10 fours and six sixes. As Dhoni plays with no fear and hits his ball in all the directions of the ground. He finished his batting with 129 runs in 107 balls and Jharkhand scores 243/9. He created his old impression back with his top score and big hitting during the match.