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    As we all know, cricket is a sport that is loved all around the world. And with good reason; it’s an incredibly physical and challenging game. But which country won the most matches during the World Cup? If you guessed England, you’d be right—but not by much. England managed to win just over half of all the matches played during the tournament, while India came in second place with almost forty percent of the victories. What does this mean for cricket fans around the world? Well, it means that there’s still plenty of competition between these two countries and that World Cup 2019 is sure to be even more exciting than ever before.


    England is the most successful country in Cricket World Cup history. The team has won the tournament on five occasions – in 1983, 1987, 1992, 2007 and 2015. They have also reached the semi-finals on three occasions (1983, 1987 and 1992) and the final on two occasions (2007 and 2015).


    India has won the most World Cups awards, with fifteen championships overall. The Men’s Team has won seven titles, while the Women’s Team has won four titles. India is also the reigning ICC Champions Trophy champions, having beaten England in the final in 2007.

    The first Cricket World Cup was held in England in 1872. India participated for the first time as an independent nation in 1987, and have since made it to every event barring 2002 when they were forced to withdraw due to a terrorist attack on the Sri Lankan team. India are undefeated in World Cup matches played at home, winning all 35 games played so far. Indian players have also been hugely successful internationally, with Sachin Tendulkar leading the way with 494 Test runs and Rahul Dravid being the highest wicket taker with 1094 scalps.


    Australia has won the most World Cups, both outright and as runners-up. They have also won more matches than any other team in the history of the World Cup, with 24 victories from 52 matches played. Australia’s dominance in cricket is illustrated by their consecutive wins from 1975 to 1979 – a record that still stands. India are second on the list of countries with the most World Cup titles, having won five times (including back-to-back triumphs in 2011 and 2012). England have come second on four occasions (1954, 1958, 1962 and 2015), while Sri Lanka have lifted the trophy once (1983).

    New Zealand

    New Zealand has been a cricketing powerhouse for many years now and they have won more World Cups than any other country. They first made their mark in the early 2000s when they were crowned champions in 2003 and 2007, and they have continued to bring home the trophy ever since. The team is comprised of some of the best players in the world and they always seem to be up for a challenge. New Zealand’s cricket fans are very passionate about their team, and they always support them whether they are winning or losing.


    Bangladesh, who made their international debut in 1971, have won the World Cup once – in 1987. They are currently ranked eighteenth in the ICC rankings and were runners-up in 2003. Bangladesh also reached the final of the 1996 ICC Trophy, losing to England.

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