Kaju Katli


The extremely renowned sweet dish after ‘pedha’ comes ‘Kaju ki barfi’, broadly known as ‘Kaju katli’. How beautiful is that to make this sweet dish at home as you can make as much as desired! The name is enough for someone to drool over this dish, go and find a recipe, prepare it, eat it […]

Gajar Halwa

This is an Indian sweet dish originated in Punjab. Gajar-ka-halwa also called as gajrela is mainly made up with grated carrots. So, make sure you buy juicy, tender carrots from the market. Sugar and milk is added to the same to make it sweet and delicious. Traditionally, khoya I.e milk solids were not added while […]

Coconut Burfi

How fun is that to cook the tastiest items with less number of ingredients, we bring one of such recipe to you namely ‘Nariyal ki barfi’ i.e Coconut barfi. It is a sweet Indian dish loved by the coastal cuisine of this country. This is one of the traditional recipes from Maharashtra which has kept […]